Portfolio management is the cornerstone of what we do at Unconventional Investor. Asset allocation, or the determination of the specific holdings in an investment portfolio, has consistently proven to be by far the most important factor in the long term performance of a portfolio. UI employs a sophisticated yet simple set of core asset classes that have extremely low fees and track various indexes (US, international, real estate, treasury debt, for example). Based on your specific financial situation and goals, we will customize the weighting of these asset classes to create a personalized portfolio tailored to the achievement of these goals. 

However, there are events that happen in life that may require a re-balancing of your portfolio, including employment change, children, retirement, unforeseen medical expenses, etc. If and when these occur, we will work with you to assess the financial plan we’ve developed and determine if there are any adjustments we should make. By following this disciplined strategy, we avoid the pitfalls that cause many investors to lose money (even in an up market!) while retaining the flexibility required to deal with significant life events.


Think of a financial plan as a roadmap from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. There are planned stops along that road (buying a house or a child’s education), there will be potholes along that road (unforeseen market movements or personal expenses), and there is a destination (usually retirement). The importance of a thoughtful, viable, long-term plan that you and your family can stick to cannot be overstated. At Unconventional Investor, we follow a six step method for developing this plan:

  1. Assess current financial situation
  2. Develop financial goals
  3. Identify alternatives
  4. Evaluate alternatives
  5. Implement financial action plan
  6. Monitor the plan


Unconventional Investor was founded on the belief that sound, honest investment guidance and returns reflecting market conditions should not disproportionately cost the personal investor. Unfortunately, this is not always the case throughout the industry. We are dedicated to a transparent, simple, incredibly low-fee structure, that is as follows:

          Assets Under Management                              Fee

               $0-$500,000                                                0.4%

               $500,001+                                                   0.2%


*Minimum annual fee of $1,000 may apply