Do Any of these Sound Familiar?  UI Can Help! 

  • Do you have the time and resources to manage your money effectively?
  • Do you have proper diversification and are you comfortable with the your level of investment risk?
  • Would you like someone to "take away the keys" so you do not have to worry about your investments?  
  • Are you unsure how to allocate your investments?
  • Do you have a difficult time keeping track of all your investments at different institutions?
  • Do you have trouble deciding what to buy and when to sell?
  • Have you been disappointed by the performance or service you have received from investment professionals?
  • Do you know how best to utilize your tax-deferred accounts?  
  • Do you know how to invest new savings?
  • Do you know how to respond when the market advances or declines? 
  • Do you know how what to do when your life situation changes?  

What to Expect Before Becoming a Client

We begin with a prospective client by looking at your existing holdings and producing a comprehensive portfolio review (link to client report) analyzing your current portfolio.  This looks at all holdings, whether in direct shares or in mutual funds.  Most importantly, we determine asset allocation, tax exposure, total expenses and other important areas for your current portfolio. 
A clear understanding of your current reality is enormously helpful for discussing possible changes to a portfolio. There is no charge for this report and discussion.  Recent statements of your investment accounts is all that is needed to request a portfolio review.  

Should you become a client, the next important step is agreement on asset allocation strategy.  Once agreement on strategy is reached, UI will deploy this strategy across all client accounts, 401k, IRA, rollovers, 529, taxable, trust, custodial for minors.  We will keep in mind the tax-deferred nature of certain accounts and use the tax-deferral wisely. Additionally, we will avoid taxes in implementing the strategy and certainly would discuss the any potential tax implications prior to incurring any liability on your behalf.  

Importantly, to this point, a new client has paid UI no fees.  Instead we put all your funds to work for you immediately, rather than charging an up-front commission.  Once the strategy is implemented, the normal fee structure applies from this point forward.  See fees here.  Your fees cover all activity, including directing new investments, incorporating your current 401(k) plan into your strategy and periodic rebalancing.