Portfolio Management

At Unconventional Investor we offer investment management services for individuals and families who are looking for a sensible long term approach.  Typical clients are educated professionals with sufficient smarts but not the time or inclination to develop the required expertise to manage their own investments.  Yet they understand the importance of a long term strategy and instantly recognize the value of expense minimization.  

Your portfolio is deployed across all available accounts, whether taxable, 401k, IRA, rollovers, 529, trusts, etc.  A key consideration is to properly use tax deferred accounts.  Optimizing in this area can help improve net investor return.  

Your fees to UI cover all activity, including directing new investments, incorporating your current 401(k) plan into your strategy and periodic rebalancing.  As a boutique firm, you get a single point of contact for your questions and the same person answering the phone each time you have a question.  Our clients find this personal service extremely valuable and we get calls on all sorts of tangential issues.  Among many examples, we have facilitated multi-generational family discussions and helped a client think through business loan terms.    
Equally important is what we do NOT do for/to our clients.  We will not try and sell you any other services or products.  All we do is investments and once you are a client, there's nothing else to sell you. We do not constantly call with new decisions to be made.  The big decision (asset allocation) has been made, and there are not constant "do you want to buy this?" conversations.  Clients tell us they appreciate the stress reducing aspect of this more and more as time goes on.